Angie Lambert Photography | believable places

Second Story LivingThere's Peace In The Silence1 Pony Tail TrailThe Neighbor's Sheep32 Dream StreetIn The Valley Of Miracles - 1st EditionField of Lemon DropsAll Things, They Must Pass, the light, the love, the seasons, as the world keeps turning.Unconventional Living, at best.Merry Christmas to All and to All a Good NightThirty-two Sleeps Until ChristmasThe WakingMorning Roll Call, Please?Christmastime, In The Valley Of MiraclesNo One Comes In, No One Goes Out ...except the birdsApple Patterned BranchesSpringtime in Rural AppalachiaYou Cannot Stay Forever, she explained.The Blue BalloonThe Sign In The Window Says Closed