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Hello Angie,

I am visiting you today from Artful Blogging Magazine (Feb/Mar/April 2017).

Your blog and photography, both, are beautiful and inspiring. Love the dogs and dolls!

Congrats for being selected for the magazine!
Love your style.Texture and depth with a little grunge! Was great to see you in Artful Blogging.
Alma de la Melena Cox(non-registered)
I found your blog inspiring and your artwork transporting. I needed to get away and you helped me get there. Thank you.
Deborah McMillion(non-registered)
I just wanted to say how wonderful your work is. "Wonder" is the word, like old fairy tales should be, the wonder is your love flowing into the trees, flowers, byroads, and fences, etc. depicted herein. Thank you for letting me share that with the children and families attending the show at the idea Museum. You put the light back in the world every day.
Ellyn Peirson(non-registered)
Angie, this is such a beautiful website. Congratulations! You take the visitor through a dream where we're offered glances into an alternate reality, accessible to those who dare to give in to the imagination. I hope you're going to send out announcements. If you are, please add my email address! Hugs...
Charlie Bremmer(non-registered)
Love your work!
Tracy Linnel Oates(non-registered)
A visual meditation. Your work is beautiful, inspiring and touches the heart.
Kimberly Gould(non-registered)
Enjoyed your site. Great artwork!!!!
Connie Lynn Halley
I have k own you since you were a young lady of 16 I remember the first time I saw your baby. Then I moved away to be with Jim on his Construction jobs and lost count of so many people. when we moved back I hardly knew anyone they had moved on had families then grandchildren. Then one day here you are I remember that one too. So I have tried to keep up with you and then all of your art came to light. My eyes were looking at a great artist your a person of many talents and words. And you have the best heart of anyone I know. God just gave you so much and you are handling it so well. So to stop now I am very proud of having you as my friend. And my pea pod. God Bless Dear Angie
Denita J Petrie(non-registered)
your artistry is beyond beautiful. Would be an honor to hang one of your paintings on my wall. May God bless you infinitely in this endeavor. Love and miss you.
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