Ms. Woodibee A. Bird

September 03, 2017  •  2 Comments

As we walk through the woods, I inhale breaths of nearing rain, falling leaves, and smiling critters. Is this possible? Surely, it must be. It's happening. I'm inhaling these moments.


Hang on; I spy something on the ground. Looking so very much like a bird but just as much like a dried branch, it juts up from the pathway's edge.


Gently, I gather it in my eager hands.


Raising it, getting a better perspective, and looking at this treasure with amazement, I am sure. It's a bird. 


My husband agrees. It does look like a bird. 


Knowing, I cannot go home without it, the plotting and planning begins. After all, I cannot carry it the entire hike. After carefully placing it on a nearby, fallen log, for safe storage, we embark deep into the woods. 


Rain, smelling something like freshness swirling in the air with oxygen, is magical. Deep breathing sends this sensation from my nose to my toes, literally, smiling. 


Like autumn's confetti, falling leaves join. It's easily becoming an actual celebration. Inviting September's presence could not be a more festive occasion, short of me having a cup of hot cider in tow. 


The critters are joyfully gathering goodies in preparation of the approaching, cooler temperatures. I know they are smiling, because they have an extra bounce or two in their trips up, down, and around the tree trunks.  


My husband and I walk, talk, and feel comfortable here. Typically averaging four miles, several times weekly, you could say we are regular with visiting the woods. 


Short of stopping just long enough to gather the you-know-what, we are minutes away from home.


These days, Ms. Woodibee A. Bird is perfectly happy living in the old greenhouse. She is even quite photogenic, as you can tell. 


I spent some time in the greenhouse, this morning, with my trusty camera and Ms. Woodibee A. Bird. Sometimes and more often than not, I laugh aloud when I see the outtakes on the camera. There are blurry results, misplaced hands, messy hairdos, and all sorts of differing options for a mishap. Today, I share these with you because it feels right. Hopefully, the outtakes, photography, and writing, bring you a few minutes of relaxation and repose.


All my love and friendship,



I love unique finds like your bird, and especially placing them in a safe spot to return for them. Outtakes :)
If not a bird, perhaps natures image of one.
Left for someone special, someone appreciative, someone able to see what it is
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