Be Bigger

August 21, 2017  •  2 Comments

Be Bigger



Be bigger than you think you can. 

Why not?

Amidst creating a home studio, my daughter and I are unpacking and sorting old boxes. Considering this lil' guy has not seen the light of day in nearly twenty years, he looks pretty good. The memories are galloping between a mother and daughter as though the gates are open and all the horses are free.


We smile.

We sigh.

We relish those times and these moments.

"He seems smaller than I recall," she says.

"Childhood is like that, Sweetie."

"Lets keep him out, free from storage, at least for a time," I lean in and whisper. 

She giggles. "Really, Mom?"

I weave through the scraps of cardboard and squish the packing papers between my hands. The trash bag swallows the offerings, bulges, and reflects a fullness that doesn't require dessert. 

I bring him to the greenhouse. What else could I do? He's adorable. 

Funny how something so small is a bottomless well of childhood memories. 


He reminds me of the way in which anything can be bigger.


We can be bigger, without limitations to our happiness, creativity, or anything for that matter. 



Be bigger than you believe you are.

Be bigger because you have endless potential to magnify your dreams.



Be bigger because you can. 

Like this lil' guy, when you least expect it, someone will see you for all the glorious gifts you stow. And when this happens, life gets bigger and better. You get bigger and better.


It's just a little something to consider. 



I'm returning to the studio work. 

Wish me luck, smiling.




So sweet, and I loved all the pictures, especially from that POV.
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