Returning To Dear Friends

May 31, 2017  •  2 Comments

It is chilly and rainy. However, in more ways than one, the cozy, stillness of days like this one feels entirely natural. It attracts me, even. 


My daughter, Kandice, married the love of her life, Tim, on Sunday.


Our hearts are full.


As does any well-adjusted Mother of the bride following her daughter's wedding celebration, I welcome the comforts of a little solitude this morning. 


Oh, how I have missed sharing not only photography but words, as well.


I greatly value not only the quietness of this recently returning free time but also our visits, sharings, and friendships. I need our time together; it feels like one of those tender bonds that fall right back into the well-friended space between two people that can't do anything less than feel just right. 


I charge the camera this morning, make coffee, and walk through the house. I offer up a little giggle to the family room floor, as I remove my sandals. Why not return to the comfort of bare feet? All houseguests left already, and my toenails are a sparkly, silver shade offering more proof of a recent wedding. 


It's obvious the time quickly passes because the camera is ready to enjoy; full battery and shutter button under an eager finger. I'm smiling through my eyes and out the lens. 


Click, click, and click.


Even if I only get a few feet from where I start, it doesn't matter. The enjoyment is monumental. 


I pause, move a little closer and to the right just a smidge.




This image is the one. I can tell. 


The coffee table grouping is ordinary, on the one hand, but extraordinary on the other at this moment. Does that make sense? I hope so. To me, it does. I love noticing the beauty in simplicity. 


The dried rosemary aroma wafts through the air just long enough to remind me that it still has an offering to share.


The tiny bird atop the candle snuffer reminds me of the gentle love that brings a daughter to gift something special to her mom on Mother's Day. Kandice is thoughtful like this; noticing heartfelt details that matter to others. 


I press the keyboard and finish up my message to you this morning, all the while feeling appreciative for this opportunity in which we come together across the cosmos. 


I'm thankful for you and your offerings. 


I feel humbled, by the inspiration that erupts, from living fully alive. 






Connie Lynn(non-registered)
This is a very touching read. I am sure your feelings are mixed in all direction, happy but yet a little dazed. After all your little girl is a wife now. So much to look forward to, also a mixture of wonderment on the next step. For years to come the wedding will be a beautiful memory, one that will be shared as time goes on. I am happy for Kandice and Tim I wish them the best. Now for all to go back to the daily work of life.
Wonderful to see and read you here in this space again! I have not been through the daughter getting process yet, but I know the day will come. I will enjoy every moment until then. The wedding looked wonderful as did you and of course the bride. Enjoy the solitude.
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