This Upside Down Life

February 07, 2017  •  2 Comments


If we didn't have darkness, would we ever notice beautiful shadows and bouncing lights? 

You see.

I see.

We all see.

I want to see the good in every person and situation.

It's an exercise. 

After all, there are times when this upside down life challenges our vision.

Photography helps bring clarity, for me.

What is your clarifying exercise that you pull from the ceiling in times of need?


I've met a few dogs, in my life.

Big ones.

Small ones.

Long haired ones. 

Short haired ones.

Loud ones.

Quiet ones.

Brave ones.

Timid ones.

Good smelling ones.

Stinky ones.

Drooling ones.

Others that sniff for what seems like hours of their lives. 




All make willing participants for photography, even if they look the other way.

They are excellent listeners, too. 

Did I mention that?


Message ...

... find a muse, a source of inspiration. 


Storytelling imagery is my muse.

What is yours?

Do you see a bad apple in her hand or an ever-so-small bad spot in the otherwise fruitful treat?

It could go either way ...

... write your story.


Is the girl a doll?

Is the doll a girl?

Or both?

Hmm ....

If we see ourselves as reflections of others and vice versa, would we respond accordingly?

We are in this upside down life together.

Why not take a moment or two and look at a few things upside down, sideways, or

from another person's perspective?

In this upside down life, there are many things for which to be thankful.

I see many opportunities for each of us.

It begins with insight.

Until next time, xo,






Connie Halley(non-registered)
Really enjoyed the photos and story
These are all stunning. Such creativity!
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