I Want To Be Outside/I Need To Be Outside

September 08, 2016  •  1 Comment


I am here. It's a familiar trail because Eric and I have traveled it multiple times. This morning is different because I am alone, and I have the camera and tripod in tow.

I spot a squirrel on the right, after hearing light footfalls atop fallen leaves and shuffling bushes. Like yesterday, the acorns are plentiful, and I am considering gathering a few more. On second thought maybe next time, my hands are full.

Up ahead I notice the perfect place to spend some time. I peel off to the right and carefully set my tripod. What could be any more perfect than a sun-speckled, fern-filled, earthy-smelling setting for one? It is a miracle that I didn't need a reservation for such a cozy spot. The mere consideration makes my eyes laugh.

A hiker passes, at a short distance, and gives me a curious smile, but continues. 

Time passes.

In moments like these, I disconnect. I unplug. I hear nothing but the sounds of leaves tossing in the breeze, acorns smacking the ground, and birds chirping. I breathe. I fill my lungs with deep, slow breaths of fresh air, followed by long, slow releases. My body welcomes the organic connection with the earth. 

More time passes.

I begin to reconnect. 

I busy myself with pictures, writing, and the iPhone. 

Time to pack up.



It is not easy to get the remote shutter to release. The struggle is real, smiling.  

I must go.

Sending much love and friendship, from my little spot in this big, wide, world to you and yours, xo.


Sarah Huizenga(non-registered)
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