Breaking Bread

September 14, 2016  •  1 Comment

Taking pictures and smiling at the same time, I enthusiastically break bread with you today.

As it is for many, the love of baking, smelling, and eating bread is a nourishing treat we never outgrow. Who wants to? I don't.

Although my love for baking is equal to my affinity for eating, this is not the case today. This day starts with a trip to Whole Foods. I have bread on my mind but not the desire to sift flour or wait for yeast to rise. Within thirty-five minutes, I am home with a fresh loaf of cranberry, pecan bread in tow. And it is sliced! Have I said that Whole Foods is amazing?


I untwist the bread tie, and the aromas of sweet cranberries, earthy grains, and nutty pecans are set free. My eager hands slip off the plastic to reveal an eatable work of art. It's too beautiful to eat just yet, so I set out to gather the camera. 


You hear nothing, in the house, except footfalls up the stairs, and then back down.

I feel my eager fingers clinching the camera all the way up to my smiling eyes. I return to the kitchen and see that the bread is patient and hasn't budged, smiling. 


I mill around the kitchen extending invitations to a select number of additions to the photo shoot.


A sprig of flowers joins. This little splash of color is necessary.


It feels natural to include a small, tasty dollop of organic butter for good measure. Who wants bread without butter, right?


Lastly, I bring my favorite little, bird-shaped spatula into the frame.

I linger atop the yummy goodness while clicking the shutter once and then twice.  

I move to the front.


Click, click, and click!

Then I drift, just a nudge, to the left and down a smidge.




I love this one!

What does it look like from above?


I need a chair. I drag the kitchen chair over and kick off my shoes. It is getting serious now, smiling, and up I go!




I climb back down and remove everything except the bread and butter.


Click, click!

This photo shoot is a workout, grinning. I move things here and there; all the while little goodies are strewn about the kitchen like crumbs of morning play. 


I replace the flower sprig, butter dollop, and bird-shaped spatula. It is time for breaking bread. 


Num, num, num!


Each loaf of cranberry, pecan bread is differing just a little from the other, but remarkably tasting like fall is in the air. It is September, after all. The month that bids a warm goodbye to summer fun, and that conjures an invitation to fall festivals.


Thanks so much for breaking bread with me today, friends.

I am sending much love and friendship, from my little spot in this big, wide world to you and yours.





You have turned breaking bread into a true art! I love reading your descriptions and the photos are delicious!
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