A Secret Look At June

July 01, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Goodbye JuneGoodbye June Morning Roses In JuneMorning Roses In June Noticing EverythingNoticing Everything Morning LightMorning Light The Bees Are Buzzin' This MorningThe Bees Are Buzzin' This Morning As we say goodbye to June, the last curtain call proves to offer a stage strewn with myriad glimpses of light play, buzzing bees, and colorful, floral headdresses. Mother Nature gently reveals an organic feast for our mind, body, and spirit. As well as saying farewell, thanking June for the escort in of summertime joys seems important. The longer days, warmer nights, and playful platform on which to honor memories, in the making, is tough to passover without noticing the flicker show of children jumping, birds chirping, and plentiful fruits bursting with June's juices.

Summer is here, my friends.

May you find pockets of inspiration, through simple observations, that make your days more fulfilling. It's as easy as pulling the curtain back for a secret look.

Much love, Angie.


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