Under Cover of a Handmade Gift

November 02, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

The tenderness of Heloise's giving changes depending on the occasion. To include a few, she handcrafts ceramics, knitting projects, sewn treasures, and woven creations. Regardless of her handiwork, the sentiment remains

genuine and love-filled. 



We stretch Sunday evening just enough to permit a late get-together, at the end of a busy weekend. Heloise arrives with a gorgeous gift in tow, a beautiful, handmade prayer shawl. 



I am in awe of her talents.


The company was better than the food, and more of a dessert served throughout dinner. 



I thank her, again, just before we bid goodbyes. 



"Until next time," we say. 



Hands push the chairs, under the table, and we weave our way from the outside patio to the front door. We share the sidewalk and closing conversation, all the while the walk seems shorter than when we arrived. We reach the corner. She goes left, and we watch her dissolve into her car. That's our cue to go right and disappear in ours. 



Eric gives my hand a tighter squeeze and the starlit sky watches over us, once again, as we honor and appreciate the endearing friends with which we share this life. 


 That was three days ago. 

Today, I am under cover of a handmade gift from Heloise. 

It is in this exchange of these tender pockets of time when love and kindness reveal.


I hope you find the magic in your moments like these. 


Have a wonderful Wednesday, friends.





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