A Visit With Mobile Photography

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Gypsy Blues


I love the adventure of wandering here and there. The sights, smells, and textures of new places are alluring. Even if the baggage is blue, it is small. That counts. Finding positive space for negative objects is an ongoing process. 

From where did this want to remain actively optimistic come? I cannot answer that question, but I love the adventure of searching my mind to consider the seeding. As the years continue, I fertilize positive seeds and share the harvest. It feels right. 

The Wayfarer


Inside my mind, the door pulls open and up to a visual world of creativity. The doorknob is different leading into each room but always unlocks if I am willing to give it a twist to open. At times, it involves a climb. I am ready to exercise that task because I know the result is spiritually rewarding. And I admit, the journey is the fun part. Right?

Stuck Inside


Creating mobile art fertilizes frames of infinite spaces, in my garden, to free the little things which are stuck inside. Expressing my little quirks, through mobile art, is therapeutic. I wouldn't say that I grow more confident because I don't. I would say that my garden expands, not without weeds on occasion, but nevertheless, it sprouts. 

Do You Garden Under The Moon's Light?


I do.


Walks With Friends


The birds know that I have absolutely no willpower to miss an opportunity to spend time in their company. Leaving all other tasks patiently awaiting my return, I take walks with birds. If I ignore the invitation, the results are less than interesting. It's real amidst the winds of creating art; the scooping air on the way up, the hanging suspense of soaring,  the relaxation of landing. You feel it. Right? The fleeting moments with gathering images, adding textures, lightening, darkening, are surpassed only by the sharing. True story. 

The Gathering Arms



Fingertip Erasures


The way I see it, life is a continuing opportunity to erase and begin again. 


Spring Recital


Performed by the Brunette Nested Birds in synchrony with the Brush, Pin, Tease and Spray Quartet.

Rain Dance


I gather the iPhone, tripod, and remote shutter, for the image, and go outside to the patio. The rains stop long enough to tender a little time to play, though the sky remains cloudy. I twirl, twist, and move about the small space until I capture several frames. 

I rarely have a particular pose or plan. I rather let the artful moments guide the way. This ensures the results are as much of a surprise to me as they are to the observer. 

After all, every garden needs rain. 

Would It Look Like This?


If flowers flew like birds, would it look like this?


Be You


In the beginning, middle, and end, throughout the ever-changing seasons, be you.

As we embrace our differences, I hope we embrace our personal uniqueness and share it. 


Sending much love and friendship, from my little garden plot in this life to yours. 






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