the places I need to reach ...

February 15, 2015  •  1 Comment

the places I need to reachthe places I need to reach The places I need to reach vary from day-to-day. Each day, I need to reach my dog's heart. Her eyes easily lead me there. There are days that I need to reach someone, somewhere. Even if I don't know the exact person, even if he/she is not obviously in sight, I try. On Valentine's Day I needed to reach the love of my life through the flowers he sent to me. Most days, I am walking through this life with a camera, or two, around my neck, swinging from my wrist, or in front of my face. In the end, I need to reach the artful love of this life in which we are sharing. What better way than with the gentle swirls of a fresh rose? In all this prattle, I hope your heart has been reached, visited, and felt loved. I'm thinking of us today, all of us, in all of this wide-world of much to do about nothing really. I pray you find peacefulness among all of it and see the simplicity of what matters most ... the moments, our loved ones, the you in the places you need to reach. You matter. xo

Restfully yours, 



Connie Halley(non-registered)
Your words are so sweet and heartfelt. You are a treasure to all that know you. You are a part of my heart.
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