Christmastime, In The Valley Of Miracles

November 25, 2014  •  2 Comments

Christmastime, In The Valley Of MiraclesChristmastime, In The Valley Of Miracles

May the miracles of Christmastime wrap your family and home with much happiness and love. Merry Christmas from my little spot in this great big world to yours. xo


Awww ... thank you, Connie for the sweet words. I am honored that, through my art, you and your family are touching on the little things in this life that mean so much. We will continue together to see new things and find new hope for better days in 2015. Much love and hugs to you! xo
Connie Lynn Halley(non-registered)
I enjoyed the way you described the photos. It makes me understand the art more and even appreciate it more. I learn a lesson from so many of your photos and art work. and this 365 day is going to be so interesting to me. To do what you enjoy is our right and to clear your mind these things that make us smile and can look at and say "this is what I wanted". Your art has made me see I can do things. I enjoy crocheting and have started back on that. I love to look at photos people post and make up something that I see in the photo or pretend to see. (I have enjoyed my cousins vacations so much that I have wrote many little things and she is getting it now) So she takes photos of things she would never have done before. Thanks to you and your photos I told her to check out your sight and now she finds the little things that we all take for granted. It has made a big hit in the family :) So in closing Angie I appreciate your talent very much, it opened my eyes to many things So it proves even at 66 you still can learn new things. Love and Hugs to you
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