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More often than not, this is how it begins. 



I'm not making excuses, smiling. I'm just explaining. 

Have you ever tried to convince yourself of something?

I have and I try today. 

But I do these things instead: photograph, cook, write, and share.

All the while knowing that I have many other chores with which to busy myself. 




The figs cannot wait.

After all, there are limits to how long they will remain fresh. 

If this past week holds any life lessons for me, it is not to wait until there are later moments for kinship, relaxation, or an opportunity to take a deep breath and be or feel thankful for the chance to do so.

I say take the pictures, write the words, share the moments, visit friends, take the naps, and or whatever other things bring you joy. 

So, today I relax into the creative atmosphere of my kitchen.







I enjoy these little snippets of sharing everyday moments with you. 

I'm including the recipe below, just in case you are interested in preparing the yummy figs. 

It's a quick and easy recipe that I found on Food Network and compliments of Claire Robinson.


Love to you and yours, 




Roasted Figs


6-8 Mission figs, halved

1 tablespoon unsalted butter

3 tablespoons honey

pinch ground cinnamon

pinch kosher salt

Fresh ricotta or fat free Greek yogurt, for serving - I didn't use those. I served two hot figs atop a fresh shortbread cookie and drizzled in the warm honey sauce. 


Preheat the oven to 400 degrees F.

Put the figs, cut side up, in a baking dish. Melt the butter in a small saucepan over low heat, and whisk in the honey, cinnamon, and salt. Drizzle the hot honey butter over the figs and roast in oven until very soft, 10-15 minutes. 


Divide the fresh ricotta or fat free yogurt among 4 serving dishes and top with the warm figs and sauce. Enjoy!

Recipe credit: Claire Robinson/Food Network







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Food, Costumes, and Cocktails, It's Halloween! The weather is great perfect! 


An incredibly spooky mood wisps through the open, inviting entry door. And with each set of footfalls upon the welcoming house's floor, the evening becomes more interesting. 


Did I mention it's a costume party? Let the fun begin, again, and again, as each guest relishes in the next one's creative attire. At the sight of each mask, I hear giggles and gasps. From Dorothy Parker to Clark Kent encircled by lovely witches and believable pirates, the atmosphere shrieks of a Halloween celebration. Not to worry, we have a complete medical staff in-house, as well. 




Tabletops lay foundations for sustenance and foods are plentiful. From Maria's amazing guacamole and chips to trays of cheeses, crackers, fruits, and vegetables, it's a veritable feast for hungry goblins. 










We toast to good friends, spooky delights, and a future-full of many more opportunities for nights like this one. 















Thank you, Kandice, for this spookalicious gravestone! How clever of you! 


angie lambert


Many thanks to our wonderful family and friends joining us for an evening of memorable moments.


Happy Halloween! 













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Ms. Woodibee A. Bird

As we walk through the woods, I inhale breaths of nearing rain, falling leaves, and smiling critters. Is this possible? Surely, it must be. It's happening. I'm inhaling these moments.


Hang on; I spy something on the ground. Looking so very much like a bird but just as much like a dried branch, it juts up from the pathway's edge.


Gently, I gather it in my eager hands.


Raising it, getting a better perspective, and looking at this treasure with amazement, I am sure. It's a bird. 


My husband agrees. It does look like a bird. 


Knowing, I cannot go home without it, the plotting and planning begins. After all, I cannot carry it the entire hike. After carefully placing it on a nearby, fallen log, for safe storage, we embark deep into the woods. 


Rain, smelling something like freshness swirling in the air with oxygen, is magical. Deep breathing sends this sensation from my nose to my toes, literally, smiling. 


Like autumn's confetti, falling leaves join. It's easily becoming an actual celebration. Inviting September's presence could not be a more festive occasion, short of me having a cup of hot cider in tow. 


The critters are joyfully gathering goodies in preparation of the approaching, cooler temperatures. I know they are smiling, because they have an extra bounce or two in their trips up, down, and around the tree trunks.  


My husband and I walk, talk, and feel comfortable here. Typically averaging four miles, several times weekly, you could say we are regular with visiting the woods. 


Short of stopping just long enough to gather the you-know-what, we are minutes away from home.


These days, Ms. Woodibee A. Bird is perfectly happy living in the old greenhouse. She is even quite photogenic, as you can tell. 


I spent some time in the greenhouse, this morning, with my trusty camera and Ms. Woodibee A. Bird. Sometimes and more often than not, I laugh aloud when I see the outtakes on the camera. There are blurry results, misplaced hands, messy hairdos, and all sorts of differing options for a mishap. Today, I share these with you because it feels right. Hopefully, the outtakes, photography, and writing, bring you a few minutes of relaxation and repose.


All my love and friendship,


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It's early.


I'm awake.


Mornings bring the kind of quiet that delivers an extra portion of mindful moments. There's a hush surrounding me. 


The universe is listening. 


More subtle, but most pleasing is the reverberation of absolutely nothing. This is when I hear the less obvious; my arm passing the fabric of the sofa's arm as I reach for a sup of coffee, the gentle hum of the refrigerator, the lonesome cricket that must need an invitation to my quiet-time because he's obviously asking, and my finger taps upon the keyboard as the words join bringing us together. 


These are my companions this morning; shy sounds that I discover, more often than not, and typically in perfect attendance. 


Glancing to the left, I see the old greenhouse. It attaches to the house, much like a visual muse, and inviting me to come inside. 


I go. 


My hands find a bloom, from a generous hosta plant. The tired wooden chair offers her back for support. It is peaceful in here this morning. 



What does today have in store for us? 


I have absolutely no idea, but the gentle entrance of these morning hours can't hurt.



All my love and kindness,


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Be Bigger Be Bigger



Be bigger than you think you can. 

Why not?

Amidst creating a home studio, my daughter and I are unpacking and sorting old boxes. Considering this lil' guy has not seen the light of day in nearly twenty years, he looks pretty good. The memories are galloping between a mother and daughter as though the gates are open and all the horses are free.


We smile.

We sigh.

We relish those times and these moments.

"He seems smaller than I recall," she says.

"Childhood is like that, Sweetie."

"Lets keep him out, free from storage, at least for a time," I lean in and whisper. 

She giggles. "Really, Mom?"

I weave through the scraps of cardboard and squish the packing papers between my hands. The trash bag swallows the offerings, bulges, and reflects a fullness that doesn't require dessert. 

I bring him to the greenhouse. What else could I do? He's adorable. 

Funny how something so small is a bottomless well of childhood memories. 


He reminds me of the way in which anything can be bigger.


We can be bigger, without limitations to our happiness, creativity, or anything for that matter. 



Be bigger than you believe you are.

Be bigger because you have endless potential to magnify your dreams.



Be bigger because you can. 

Like this lil' guy, when you least expect it, someone will see you for all the glorious gifts you stow. And when this happens, life gets bigger and better. You get bigger and better.


It's just a little something to consider. 



I'm returning to the studio work. 

Wish me luck, smiling.



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Summer's Spell

I suppose it's the fervor of summer that brings romance to the air. The sun warms everything from cocoons to blossoms, revealing eager butterflies and colorful flowers. 


I come home from vacation to find much progress in the gardens. As a stunt, played by a jealous jester, I swear the weeds grew in generous proportions to the time away.

I must admit. June is bounteous.


Longer days. Warmer temperatures. Enticing color palates. Not to lack mention of the bountiful floral fragrances because to do so would seem an obvious omission.


You get it. The list is long.


It appears this plot to seduce me to the outside works.


How can I resist?


Like romance, it's alluring.

I gather the camera and slip into sandals.


Before I even consider what is happening, I fall prey to summer's spell. He knew I would. The bright ones are continually cultivating plots. All the while, tending their seeds.


The warm sun is not shy either; provoking me to linger longer and longer. 

With proof that I overstay, I eventually return to the house with twenty-three images.


It's funny the way this happens, time-and-time again.


Like an adolescent lost in the trance of her first love affair, I am unable to explain why or how it takes longer than it should. On the other hand, what is the hurry anyway? 

The flowers do return each year; perhaps in varying shapes, sizes, and positions but I can accept this.


In likeness, love returns, as well.


The motivation for this happy life never ceases to amaze.

It's official.


I choose to remain a girl servant to this ever-evolving, never-uninteresting life. Because it is true, amidst quiet patience and genuine intentions, all things are possible. 


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Returning To Dear Friends

It is chilly and rainy. However, in more ways than one, the cozy, stillness of days like this one feels entirely natural. It attracts me, even. 


My daughter, Kandice, married the love of her life, Tim, on Sunday.


Our hearts are full.


As does any well-adjusted Mother of the bride following her daughter's wedding celebration, I welcome the comforts of a little solitude this morning. 


Oh, how I have missed sharing not only photography but words, as well.


I greatly value not only the quietness of this recently returning free time but also our visits, sharings, and friendships. I need our time together; it feels like one of those tender bonds that fall right back into the well-friended space between two people that can't do anything less than feel just right. 


I charge the camera this morning, make coffee, and walk through the house. I offer up a little giggle to the family room floor, as I remove my sandals. Why not return to the comfort of bare feet? All houseguests left already, and my toenails are a sparkly, silver shade offering more proof of a recent wedding. 


It's obvious the time quickly passes because the camera is ready to enjoy; full battery and shutter button under an eager finger. I'm smiling through my eyes and out the lens. 


Click, click, and click.


Even if I only get a few feet from where I start, it doesn't matter. The enjoyment is monumental. 


I pause, move a little closer and to the right just a smidge.




This image is the one. I can tell. 


The coffee table grouping is ordinary, on the one hand, but extraordinary on the other at this moment. Does that make sense? I hope so. To me, it does. I love noticing the beauty in simplicity. 


The dried rosemary aroma wafts through the air just long enough to remind me that it still has an offering to share.


The tiny bird atop the candle snuffer reminds me of the gentle love that brings a daughter to gift something special to her mom on Mother's Day. Kandice is thoughtful like this; noticing heartfelt details that matter to others. 


I press the keyboard and finish up my message to you this morning, all the while feeling appreciative for this opportunity in which we come together across the cosmos. 


I'm thankful for you and your offerings. 


I feel humbled, by the inspiration that erupts, from living fully alive. 





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This Upside Down Life


If we didn't have darkness, would we ever notice beautiful shadows and bouncing lights? 

You see.

I see.

We all see.

I want to see the good in every person and situation.

It's an exercise. 

After all, there are times when this upside down life challenges our vision.

Photography helps bring clarity, for me.

What is your clarifying exercise that you pull from the ceiling in times of need?


I've met a few dogs, in my life.

Big ones.

Small ones.

Long haired ones. 

Short haired ones.

Loud ones.

Quiet ones.

Brave ones.

Timid ones.

Good smelling ones.

Stinky ones.

Drooling ones.

Others that sniff for what seems like hours of their lives. 




All make willing participants for photography, even if they look the other way.

They are excellent listeners, too. 

Did I mention that?


Message ...

... find a muse, a source of inspiration. 


Storytelling imagery is my muse.

What is yours?

Do you see a bad apple in her hand or an ever-so-small bad spot in the otherwise fruitful treat?

It could go either way ...

... write your story.


Is the girl a doll?

Is the doll a girl?

Or both?

Hmm ....

If we see ourselves as reflections of others and vice versa, would we respond accordingly?

We are in this upside down life together.

Why not take a moment or two and look at a few things upside down, sideways, or

from another person's perspective?

In this upside down life, there are many things for which to be thankful.

I see many opportunities for each of us.

It begins with insight.

Until next time, xo,





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A Visit With Mobile Photography

Gypsy Blues


I love the adventure of wandering here and there. The sights, smells, and textures of new places are alluring. Even if the baggage is blue, it is small. That counts. Finding positive space for negative objects is an ongoing process. 

From where did this want to remain actively optimistic come? I cannot answer that question, but I love the adventure of searching my mind to consider the seeding. As the years continue, I fertilize positive seeds and share the harvest. It feels right. 

The Wayfarer


Inside my mind, the door pulls open and up to a visual world of creativity. The doorknob is different leading into each room but always unlocks if I am willing to give it a twist to open. At times, it involves a climb. I am ready to exercise that task because I know the result is spiritually rewarding. And I admit, the journey is the fun part. Right?

Stuck Inside


Creating mobile art fertilizes frames of infinite spaces, in my garden, to free the little things which are stuck inside. Expressing my little quirks, through mobile art, is therapeutic. I wouldn't say that I grow more confident because I don't. I would say that my garden expands, not without weeds on occasion, but nevertheless, it sprouts. 

Do You Garden Under The Moon's Light?


I do.


Walks With Friends


The birds know that I have absolutely no willpower to miss an opportunity to spend time in their company. Leaving all other tasks patiently awaiting my return, I take walks with birds. If I ignore the invitation, the results are less than interesting. It's real amidst the winds of creating art; the scooping air on the way up, the hanging suspense of soaring,  the relaxation of landing. You feel it. Right? The fleeting moments with gathering images, adding textures, lightening, darkening, are surpassed only by the sharing. True story. 

The Gathering Arms



Fingertip Erasures


The way I see it, life is a continuing opportunity to erase and begin again. 


Spring Recital


Performed by the Brunette Nested Birds in synchrony with the Brush, Pin, Tease and Spray Quartet.

Rain Dance


I gather the iPhone, tripod, and remote shutter, for the image, and go outside to the patio. The rains stop long enough to tender a little time to play, though the sky remains cloudy. I twirl, twist, and move about the small space until I capture several frames. 

I rarely have a particular pose or plan. I rather let the artful moments guide the way. This ensures the results are as much of a surprise to me as they are to the observer. 

After all, every garden needs rain. 

Would It Look Like This?


If flowers flew like birds, would it look like this?


Be You


In the beginning, middle, and end, throughout the ever-changing seasons, be you.

As we embrace our differences, I hope we embrace our personal uniqueness and share it. 


Sending much love and friendship, from my little garden plot in this life to yours. 





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Under Cover of a Handmade Gift

The tenderness of Heloise's giving changes depending on the occasion. To include a few, she handcrafts ceramics, knitting projects, sewn treasures, and woven creations. Regardless of her handiwork, the sentiment remains

genuine and love-filled. 



We stretch Sunday evening just enough to permit a late get-together, at the end of a busy weekend. Heloise arrives with a gorgeous gift in tow, a beautiful, handmade prayer shawl. 



I am in awe of her talents.


The company was better than the food, and more of a dessert served throughout dinner. 



I thank her, again, just before we bid goodbyes. 



"Until next time," we say. 



Hands push the chairs, under the table, and we weave our way from the outside patio to the front door. We share the sidewalk and closing conversation, all the while the walk seems shorter than when we arrived. We reach the corner. She goes left, and we watch her dissolve into her car. That's our cue to go right and disappear in ours. 



Eric gives my hand a tighter squeeze and the starlit sky watches over us, once again, as we honor and appreciate the endearing friends with which we share this life. 


 That was three days ago. 

Today, I am under cover of a handmade gift from Heloise. 

It is in this exchange of these tender pockets of time when love and kindness reveal.


I hope you find the magic in your moments like these. 


Have a wonderful Wednesday, friends.




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A Tender Soothsayer

Foretelling a more delicate time,

They admit she is a tender soothsayer.

Dressing in scattered flora and age-old linen,

Foreknowing of brighter days,

Reminding future moods of melancholia,

Waste not our time, in your darkness, For our spirits are bright.

Have a radiant and inspiring day, my friends. 

For my love of photography and writing, I am offering this sharing to you this morning.

Have a wonderful beginning to your Wednesday.

I'm leaving for Princeton and picking up an art piece at the print shop. 

Sending much love and endless inspiration to you and yours,




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The Occasional Biscuiteer Like an apron-wearing baker, I flour up the kitchen countertop and become the occasional Biscuiteer.

It's true.

I love to bake biscuits. 

I swing open the cupboard door, and with my right hand, I claim an apron. With a pullover and gentle tie of two apparently long strings, I am safely enveloped in linen.

I break away to preheat the oven to 425 degrees.

Biscuit Recipe:

2 cups self-rising flour

1/3 cup shortening

1/2 teaspoonful salt

3/4 cup milk or buttermilk (your choice)

(butter to slice and place on each biscuit prior to baking)

Add flour and salt in a medium crock.

Cut in shortening.

Make a small whole in the center of the flour/salt and add milk. Gently combine (not too much handling, we want flaky biscuits, smiling).

Turn biscuit dough onto lightly floured countertop, press with hands until desired thickness is achieved (approximately 1 inch). Cut as many biscuits as your dough yields.

Place on baking stone/sheet.

Add a butter pat to the top of each biscuit.

Bake for 14 minutes or until golden brown. 

That's it. 

You see, long ago, my mother taught me the magic of baking biscuits. She was what I would affectionately call a Biscuiteer.

It isn't just baking a batch of biscuits. This is particularly the case, as I grow older and have a better understanding of the importance of simple acts of kindness. 

It is learning how to bake, alongside a loved one. 

It is the buttery aromas of sustenance baking in the oven and filling the house with scents of hearty biscuits.

Num, num, and num!

Perhaps it is the anticipation of butter dripping off the edges before it reaches your lips? It's possible that it is a gentle combination of all of these simple things that makes baking biscuits such a treat. 

I hope you give the recipe a try and invite a loved one to share the experience


Happy biscuit baking!

All my love,







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October Is In The House I love this time of year!


Do you?

Is it the warmth of the fall color tones adorning the indoor tabletops? 

Could be.

Is it the melancholy atmosphere leaking between the tree branches of the outdoors?


Either way, October is in the house. Whether you dwell inside or outside, I hope your house is a veil of autumn splendor.

Have a happy, healthy start to October, friends.




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Farewell September

Farewell September, sleep tight and thank you.


September was fantastic this year, in so many ways. 


I am sending much love and friendship to you, as we welcome October. May it be strewn with happiness and fulfillment. 




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Natural Light Is Not Unlike Inspiration Natural light is not unlike inspiration. The relationship is symbolic of true perception. It is there for us to see, interpret, absorb, and reflect.  

After all, we are all artists.

Perhaps your eye is first drawn to the pumpkin, ceramic plate, acorns, air plant, linen apron, or the natural light leaking through the window? That's the magic. It does not matter. What matters is that you notice


The way we express our visions, our daily glimpses, of natural light is our canvas. With awareness, we can design our surroundings with purity, truthfulness, and human delight.  


Let's begin today by absorbing the positivity of our individual canvas. The potential is limitless. Your potential is limitless.


In moments of simplicity, life has a message. 
















Begin again, with a greater appreciation for discovering the natural beauty seen in everyday moments. 


​It's Monday, friends. Have a wonderfully inspired beginning to the week. October is almost here!


Be well,




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The Beauty Of Imperfection  


​We were away for four days. Upon arriving home, I found my flowers wilted. I initially considered tossing them. After a few moments, I thought otherwise. I gathered them, located the camera, and snapped a few shots. 

Click, click, and click!



Every human, like this flowering plant, is beautiful regardless of imperfection. There is beauty in all stages of life.





I hope you notice your beautiful self not only today, but tomorrow, and always!


It has been a long day, with much driving, friends.

I am saying goodnight and be well. 

Until next time,



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Breaking Bread Taking pictures and smiling at the same time, I enthusiastically break bread with you today.

As it is for many, the love of baking, smelling, and eating bread is a nourishing treat we never outgrow. Who wants to? I don't.

Although my love for baking is equal to my affinity for eating, this is not the case today. This day starts with a trip to Whole Foods. I have bread on my mind but not the desire to sift flour or wait for yeast to rise. Within thirty-five minutes, I am home with a fresh loaf of cranberry, pecan bread in tow. And it is sliced! Have I said that Whole Foods is amazing?


I untwist the bread tie, and the aromas of sweet cranberries, earthy grains, and nutty pecans are set free. My eager hands slip off the plastic to reveal an eatable work of art. It's too beautiful to eat just yet, so I set out to gather the camera. 


You hear nothing, in the house, except footfalls up the stairs, and then back down.

I feel my eager fingers clinching the camera all the way up to my smiling eyes. I return to the kitchen and see that the bread is patient and hasn't budged, smiling. 


I mill around the kitchen extending invitations to a select number of additions to the photo shoot.


A sprig of flowers joins. This little splash of color is necessary.


It feels natural to include a small, tasty dollop of organic butter for good measure. Who wants bread without butter, right?


Lastly, I bring my favorite little, bird-shaped spatula into the frame.

I linger atop the yummy goodness while clicking the shutter once and then twice.  

I move to the front.


Click, click, and click!

Then I drift, just a nudge, to the left and down a smidge.




I love this one!

What does it look like from above?


I need a chair. I drag the kitchen chair over and kick off my shoes. It is getting serious now, smiling, and up I go!




I climb back down and remove everything except the bread and butter.


Click, click!

This photo shoot is a workout, grinning. I move things here and there; all the while little goodies are strewn about the kitchen like crumbs of morning play. 


I replace the flower sprig, butter dollop, and bird-shaped spatula. It is time for breaking bread. 


Num, num, num!


Each loaf of cranberry, pecan bread is differing just a little from the other, but remarkably tasting like fall is in the air. It is September, after all. The month that bids a warm goodbye to summer fun, and that conjures an invitation to fall festivals.


Thanks so much for breaking bread with me today, friends.

I am sending much love and friendship, from my little spot in this big, wide world to you and yours.




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I Want To Be Outside/I Need To Be Outside


I am here. It's a familiar trail because Eric and I have traveled it multiple times. This morning is different because I am alone, and I have the camera and tripod in tow.

I spot a squirrel on the right, after hearing light footfalls atop fallen leaves and shuffling bushes. Like yesterday, the acorns are plentiful, and I am considering gathering a few more. On second thought maybe next time, my hands are full.

Up ahead I notice the perfect place to spend some time. I peel off to the right and carefully set my tripod. What could be any more perfect than a sun-speckled, fern-filled, earthy-smelling setting for one? It is a miracle that I didn't need a reservation for such a cozy spot. The mere consideration makes my eyes laugh.

A hiker passes, at a short distance, and gives me a curious smile, but continues. 

Time passes.

In moments like these, I disconnect. I unplug. I hear nothing but the sounds of leaves tossing in the breeze, acorns smacking the ground, and birds chirping. I breathe. I fill my lungs with deep, slow breaths of fresh air, followed by long, slow releases. My body welcomes the organic connection with the earth. 

More time passes.

I begin to reconnect. 

I busy myself with pictures, writing, and the iPhone. 

Time to pack up.



It is not easy to get the remote shutter to release. The struggle is real, smiling.  

I must go.

Sending much love and friendship, from my little spot in this big, wide, world to you and yours, xo.

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The Acorn Diaries

Acorn Love - The Acorn Diaries -


The trees are pregnant with acorns, bunches, and bunches of them. 


The woods are a productive scene of mingling, mixing, and being, from cracking sounds of not so safe landings to the bustle of tiny critter's feet. A squirrel and a smaller chipmunk scurry past. And I like their company, not staring or noticing me, as I gather, it feels comfortable. 


Eric walks ahead of me, along the path, with his pant pockets whispering no vacancy. There is no time to judge his generosity for carrying my treasures, the size of other's bulging cheeks or my stretched shirttail. After all, we each carry our load differently, not better or worse, just in myriad variations.


Now I sit, toss the acorns about, and all the while decide what to do with them. 


Click, click, and click is all I hear, as the remote shutter releases.


I reassure myself that something with spark and a creative idea will birth. 




It didn't.

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A Secret Look At June Goodbye JuneGoodbye June Morning Roses In JuneMorning Roses In June Noticing EverythingNoticing Everything Morning LightMorning Light The Bees Are Buzzin' This MorningThe Bees Are Buzzin' This Morning As we say goodbye to June, the last curtain call proves to offer a stage strewn with myriad glimpses of light play, buzzing bees, and colorful, floral headdresses. Mother Nature gently reveals an organic feast for our mind, body, and spirit. As well as saying farewell, thanking June for the escort in of summertime joys seems important. The longer days, warmer nights, and playful platform on which to honor memories, in the making, is tough to passover without noticing the flicker show of children jumping, birds chirping, and plentiful fruits bursting with June's juices.

Summer is here, my friends.

May you find pockets of inspiration, through simple observations, that make your days more fulfilling. It's as easy as pulling the curtain back for a secret look.

Much love, Angie.

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